Lake Region Community Service Program

222 W. Walnut St.
Devils Lake, ND 58301
Monday - Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Friday: By Appointment
Phone: (701) 662-0722
Fax: (701) 662-0707
Email: Deb Adahl

Serving the following counties:
Benson, Nelson, Ramsey and Towner

Mission Statement: The purpose of the program was designed to require that the offender pay a debt to society by working in the community. It is intended that the offenders involved in the program will benefit from the imposed rules and sanctions that hold them accountable and responsible. All this in effort for the offenders to gain and retain self-respecting and crime free lifestyles.

Program Information: The Lake Region Community Service Program is actually a three part program: Community Service, Restitution, and Drug Screening. Below is a summary of all of these individual programs:

Programs Offered:

Community Service: Offenders are required to volunteer a specific number of hours to repay their dept to society for the damages they caused. In certain cases used as an alternative to incarceration.

Drug Screening: Offenders of certain drug related offenses are required by the court to submit to random drug screenings as part of their sentence.