Mission Statement
Community Corrections Programs are strategically placed statewide in an effort to enhance community partnerships while providing community based alternatives to detention.

The community-based alternatives focus on protecting society, addressing the concerns of crime victims, and providing supervision to offenders in the community.

More specifically, all community service programs are to have a coordinated office which provides:

  • - Alternatives to incarceration
  • - Repayment to the community for inappropriate or unlawful behavior
  • - A positive support system

Recidivism Study (2015)

The North Dakota Community Corrections Association (NDCCA) has come together to initiate a study to review several components of those individuals/cases who have been sentenced community service across North Dakota. The goal of the study is to:

  • - Gain a better understanding of the demographics of those individuals sentenced to community service.

  • - Gather the rates of recidivism of individuals sentenced to perform community service. For the purpose of the study, recidivism is defined as a “tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior; especially: relapse into criminal behavior.”

  • - And the long term goal is to take the study further by attempting to determine if community service has any impact on the recidivism rates of those individuals sentenced to community service.
Please feel free to review the NDCCA Community Service Recidivism Study by CLICKING HERE. If you would like to discuss any information as found in the study just contact your local community service agency.

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